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Rad Road is looking for testers

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Rad Road, V 1

Developed by BinaryGoblin

Hey everyone! This is my first released game ever and I would really appreciate an honest review on the Google Play Store. I would like honesty and critiquing rather than a plain 5 stars, although I do appreciate the 5 star reviews :) RewardMOB is integrated into...
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There is a FPS counter in the menu, please report your average FPS and your device. With the Google Play Console for Developers, if you include the FPS in your review on the Play Store, I will automatically be able to see your device type and optimize the game further for other users. I am constantly trying to improve the performance of the game for others and your feedback will help me to do so. Thank you!


Male & Female

13-99 years old

Android 4.0.x - 8.1.0

Phone, Tablet

All corners of the world

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  Available 7 November - 28 November